Apart from variety of fire products dealt by Sathvika Services, we trade, procure and supply all fire equipment accessories in the industry. We are known for our quality accessories and products and on time delivery to all our clients.

Chemical Safety Products

rubber shoe cover chemical

Rubber Shoe Cover

nitrile gloves

Nitrile Gloves






Face Shield

eye wash shower

Eye Wash Shower

Road Safety Products

1 Rubber Speed Breakers

Rubber Speed Breaker

2 Raised Pavement Marker

Raised Pavement Marker

3 road signs

Road Signs

4 Plastic Traffic Cones

Plastic Traffic Cones

5 Traffic Convex Mirrior

Convex Mirror

6 reflective-jackets

Reflective Jacket

7 Traffic Spring Post

Traffic Spring Post

8 traffic light Batons

Traffic Light Batons

9 radium-tape

Radim Tapes